Tuesday, August 25, 2015

H&R Bingo Done (for now)

Find 'em all!

So I initially wanted to make a Reason H&R meme alphabet, like the Stephen Wildish film alaphabet series but I had a hard time with the Q and I had too many S's so i went with the bingo theme. Pen-ultimately I would like to keep making squares as I think of them or as new memes arise. Ultimately I'd like to make it so the squares are randomly placed on a bingo sheet for each visitor ( what's the fun of bingo if everyone has the same board?) Unfortunately I am not familiar with Java or Perl or whatever program I would use to achieve this, so If any nerds computer geeks whizzes read this and can steer me towards a solution I'd be most grateful.

The Hyperbole.

UPDATE 2/16...I'm not gonna be doing any of that.